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Tony Monaco

Tony was born into a musical family and began his musical journey at the age of 8. While he was fascinated with the piano, the guitar was a more realistic financial option. As a result, Tony studied guitar with his Father, Pat Monaco, and played it as his main instrument until the age of 13, winning both regional and national guitar competitions.

Over the years, his love for keyboards was rekindled when he fell in love with the Hammond organ which eventually led him back to his first love, the piano. He studied piano with many private teachers but credits Dave Frank (world renowned jazz pianist) for really focusing his efforts. As a result, many of his influences were jazz artists. However, when a close friend suggested he listen to more artists like Billy Joel, he reluctantly did so and to his surprise, he became enamored with the genius of Billy Joel. Billy’s piano style was one that Tony not only found inspiring, but also easier to relate what he learned from emulating Billy’s licks and listening to his lyrics to his efforts as an aspiring singer-songwriter with his own band, Thrills. As a member of Thrills, Tony did extensive recording and touring, opening for bands such as Foreigner, Quarterflash, Nick Lowe, Juice Newton, and Orleans. In the years following, Tony played with many of Long Island’s top bands and then in 1993, he formed what he believes was one of the first tributes to the piano man Stormfront, which earned him an audition for the traveling production of the Broadway show Movin’ Out.

Now residing in South Florida, Tony decided to once again pay tribute to the music and man that has been such an influence in his musical life. In addition, with the formation of Turnstiles, he has been reunited with his life long friend and former band mate from Thrills, Dave Fullerton. Dave along with both new and old friends has now joined forces with Tony to bring this band to life for all Billy Joel fans to enjoy!

Dave Fullerton

Dave was born and raised in Pittsburgh Pa. and began playing Guitar at the age of 8. Shortly thereafter, he began playing in neighborhood and local bands and eventually met up with Tony Monaco. At the age of 13, they joined forces playing in various local bands together which eventually spawned into their recording and touring band Thrills. Thrills relocated to New York where they toured and played nonstop for over 10 years and recorded 5 albums on the G&P label which are now available on CD (through Rewind Records) as well as various other platforms.

Following the breakup of Thrills, Dave and Tony continued to work together until they both relocated to South Florida in 1995. After their relocation, they did not work together for some 15 years. Needless to say, Dave was extremely excited when Tony asked him to be part of the Turnstiles Project. Now, Dave and Tony are once again united and continuing a life- long musical journey, and the best is yet to come!

Bill Gilbert

Bill Gilbert was born in Johnstown, PA on February 25,1956 and his family home was in Penn Hills, PA. Bill grew up within 5 miles of his future bandmates: Tony Monaco, Dave Fullerton, and Rob Owens where they all went to the same schools. Their musical paths did not cross until 1974 when the band originally known as Bad Company (Tony, Dave, Rob, and Al Opsitnick) had to change their name for obvious reasons. After Al left the band to pursue a corporate career, it was shortly after, that Rob met Bill in the high school chess club. It was then, they realized their common love for music. Bill had been playing with the high school band Stonehenge but decided to join Rob, Dave, and Tony. That was the birth of THRILLS!


While the band played covers to get the recognition needed on the circuit, it wasn’t long before they decided to collaborate on originals. Bill had his hand in some writing, but his main strength was arranging his bass parts that became integral in the early sound of the band. Among his musical influences were; The Beatles, The Eagles, and Chicago. Bill was a rocker at heart and it wasn’t long before his onstage antics matured, turning him into one hell of a showman. He was always fun to watch. Bill’s life became his band of brothers and the family that was built over the years. Like his bandmates, Bill was totally invested which made the eventual demise very hard.


After the break up, and being a very gifted carpenter, Bill established his own business but was never truly able to put it all in perspective. It was a major loss for all, as the time invested together, represented half of everyone’s life. While the band members stayed involved in music, Bill never really found that love again.


We lost Bill in April 2004, but his memory will live forever with us all. He is missed terribly and with this resurgence, his musical journey will live on. Like the bands first original written together, we are sure he is looking down and SMILING! Bill, like all of us, gave his all for all that he loved. All our imperfections were somehow blended into a perfect combination to create our sound, our band, the one and only…….THRILLS! May the music live forever!!!

Rob Owens

Coming soon 

Tom Ingegno

After graduating from St. Vincent College in Latrobe, PA, Tom immediately went to work and became a partner in Aquarian Associates Pittsburgh PA, where he handled bands and continued to do so until 1976. During that time, Tom had the opportunity of working with many top bands in the tri-state area. It was then, he began to work with a band of teenagers called Bad Company. For obvious reasons, they had to change the name and Thrills was born. Tom later became their full-time manager and they succeeded in building a following in the Pittsburgh market. By 1976, Tom knew they needed to make a move, so he moved back to his home on Long Island and the band came with him. There they built another strong following and landed a record deal in 1979. Tom had the pleasure of not only managing but also co-writing and co-producing four albums. It was a very memorable and enjoyable time in his life. Tom loved it all.


Since 1984, Tom has been a partner in Omnipop Talent Group. While a division of his company handles bands, Tom's job is managing both comedians and actors. He is also co-author and original director of the off-Broadway play “Shut Up, Sit Down and Eat.”


Tom basically stopped writing after the disbandment of the band and only dabbled in lyrics. Over the years, he has comprised several lyric books which only contain bits and pieces. In the summer of 2017, Tom had surgery on both hands and it is still very difficult to cord a guitar. He keeps trying, because he just can’t stop.

Mike Frenchik

After graduating from St. Vincent College Latrobe and receiving a Masters in Music from Duquesne University Pittsburgh PA, Mike eventually headed to Los Angeles CA. From 1978 to 1988, he was writing, producing and recording. It was during that time Mike had the opportunity of working with Thrills on Magical Hands, First Thrills, Front Page News and Thrills 3. He is also a co-writer of “Dancing on The Ceiling” – Lionel Richie.


From 1984 until 2009, Mike owned and managed The Hook Recording Studio in Los Angeles. Many of his projects with producers and artists have included working with such acts as: Foo Fighters, Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw, Puddle of Mudd, Tool, Huey Lewis, Denise Williams, Natalie Cole and many more.

Since 2008 and currently, Mike rents vintage tube and modern microphones to artists, producers and songwriters. He is also involved in custom design and fabrication of various specialty pop-filters and microphone decoupler-isolation mount accessories.

Linda Mackley

Linda Mackley grew up in Pittsburgh, PA. Babe Fabrizi, her Uncle and an accomplished drummer himself, discovered her talent at an early age. 

She played the marimba, vibes, xylophone, timpani and other assorted percussion instruments in The Carnegie Mellon Honors Band. She also preformed with two of Pittsburgh's most popular bands, Harombee & Axys. 

At an early age, she moved to New York to pursue her passion for music. She had the good fortune to play and record with many talented bands and songwriters. Experiencing different genres of music has contributed to her versatility and sensitivity as a player. 

Linda is currently playing and singing with the popular New York Band, 45RPM. 

Linda brings passion, raw energy and a contagious smile to every show. She truly loves what she does and it shows in every beat she plays and every note she sings. 

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