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“One of the Hottest groups in Long Island, NY is made up of Penn Hills' natives. The group is called Thrills and it has received not only excellent reviews, but also and enviable following”

– The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Founded in 1973
Genre: Pop Rock 
Labels: G&P Records, Rewind Records, Slim Style Recording Corp
Tony Monaco - Lead vocals, keyboards
Dave Fullerton - Guitars, vocals
Rob Owens - Drums, vocals 
Bill Gilbert - Bass, vocals
Linda Mackley - Drums, vocals

     THRILLS originally began in 1973, with the quartet of Tony Monaco (keyboards, vocals), Rob Owens (drums, vocals), Dave Fullerton (guitars, vocals) and Bill Gilbert (bass, vocals) making their start and developing their skills playing clubs, colleges and high schools throughout Western Pennsylvania (particularly Pittsburgh), Ohio and West Virginia.

     In 1977, THRILLS relocated to Long Island, New York where they continued their development of strong structured originals, instrumental virtuosity, sharp tight harmonies and skillful performance. After one year of playing the Long Island, New York City and New Jersey circuit, THRILLS was voted the “Number One band on Long Island” by Good Times Magazine in 1978.

     Much of 1979 was spent playing and recording both in New York and Los Angeles where THRILLS completed “FIRST THRILLS,” their first album on G&P Records released February 1980.

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